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You would like to change your tariff plan? Activate a bundle for your calls abroad? Or a bundle for mobile internet abroad? Spotify? Add cloud storage? You can do all of this here, for your own number or for another number on your BASE account. You see which tariff plans are available, which options and bundles are active and which you can add. Adding or removing an option is done in two clicks and you are informed via text message when the change is carried out.
Important: first consult all details and conditions of the available options before you activate them: for monthly plans or for prepaid cards

When changing your tariff plan the monthly subscription cost is settled immediately, so that you never pay any subscription cost twice. Options or bundles that you bought in advance for the current month are not transferred  to the following month and unused portions are not refunded.
Notice: when changing tariff plan, first check whether there are any costs related to the cancellation of your current contract.