Are you unhappy with your current monthly plan or prepaid card?

At BASE we aim to meet your personal preferences whenever possible. Have a look at our monthly plans or prepaid cards.
Hopefully we'll find something together that's a perfect fit for you.

Do you still want to cancel?

Do you still want to cancel? We'll be sorry to see you leave. We would like to ensure your transfer to proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible. You can cancel your BASE monthly plan/prepaid card whenever you want, without any cancellation fee. Contact us (between 8.00 and 20.00) and we'll arrange it for you.

A few tips

Save your contacts on your handset

... before you remove your old SIM card.
It would be a pity for you if you lose all your contacts the moment you swap your SIM card.  

Did you choose to keep your mobile number?

Use your current SIM card until you receive a text from your old operator or until you lose the network signal. Then insert your new SIM card in your handset. 

Use your data and minutes

Your new provider will not let you keep the remaining minutes, texts and data from your prepaid card. Use them up, as much as you can, so you won't be throwing away money. 

Did you buy a handset at a discounted price via BASE?

Then check whether you still have to pay a residual value on the amortization table you received when you purchased your smartphone or check online.

Advantages of a BASE monthly plan

  • Unlimited calling to BASE numbers
  • Up to 24 GB mobile data
  • Do you prefer lots of data, or would you rather have lots of minutes? Your BASE adapts automatically
  • No loss of minutes or data
  • Extra minutes and data for the same tariff as in your monthly plan 
  • Manage your monthly plan via the My BASE app

Advantages of BASE prepaid

  • Receive free minutes and data as a bonus
  • Top up from € 5 
  • Keep your number
  • Easily add options for use while abroad
  • Top up anytime via the My BASE app