All about the BASE + TADAAM benefit

From now on, you can easily combine your BASE monthly plan with internet and TV from TADAAM. With this combination BASE offers you a complete package. And now there's something more: You also get an attractive benefit on your BASE bill. Discover our BASE + TADAAM offer now!

Note: BASE doesn't offer fixed lines. The package includes internet & TV (from TADAAM) and a monthly plan for a mobile phone (from BASE).

Good to know:

  • The subscriptions proposed by TADAAM always combine internet and TV. You cannot select one of both products only: They come together in the package.  
  • You can change or cancel your BASE or TADAAM monthly plan at any time. 

All about TADAAM

TADAAM offers you internet and TV, without cables! How, then? TADAAM converts your 4G signal to a Wi-Fi network. That way you have internet and TV everywhere there is a strong enough 4G signal: at home, in your second residence… anywhere at all. How about when you are abroad? Thanks to the TADAAM app, you can watch TV just as you do at home.

Tip: Want to find out whether you have a strong enough 4G signal and where you can best place your modem to enjoy the optimum TADAAM experience? Download the TADAAM Positioning System app. 

What will you need? Two wall sockets, and that's it! Curious how you install TADAAM? Discover how you install TADAAM!

Important: BASE and TADAAM are separate brands. For the time being, TADAAM is only available online and has its own website and support for your technical or product-related questions.

My benefit

  • What?

Are you combining a €15, €20, €29 or BASE Unlimited BASE monthly plan with internet and TV from TADAAM? Then you benefit from a €5 discount on your BASE bill.

Want to change your monthly plan? Prefer a more or less expensive BASE or TADAAM monthly plan? No problem! Your benefit continues as long as your new BASE monthly plan is €15, €20, €29 or BASE Unlimited.

  • How?

To get this benefit, you must first buy/have both monthly plans. You don't get the €5 benefit when you check out; we apply it automatically 2-3 working days after you have purchased both products. You will also receive a confirmation mail for this.

We apply the benefit as soon as we find a match between your BASE number and the telephone number on your TADAAM account. So be sure to enter your BASE number in your TADAAM account.

Note: You can only enter one phone number in your TADAAM account (your BASE number). This means you get the benefit applied on the BASE bills linked to that specific BASE number. 

  • Good to know

To get this benefit, you must have a valid BASE monthly plan. You can find the name of your monthly plan on your bill. If it is…

  • 15 Based on you
  • 15 Based on you + Unlimited Calling
  • 20 Based on you
  • 29 Based on you
  • BASE Unlimited

…then you get the €5 benefit on your BASE bill if you also have/buy a TADAAM monthly plan.

Want to get this benefit, but you have a different BASE monthly plan or none at all? Then first switch to one of the following BASE monthly plans: €15, €20, €29 or BASE Unlimited.

My BASE bill

Have you received a confirmation mail for your benefit? Then the benefit is active and you will see it appear on your next BASE bill.

Note: Your benefit is applied pro rata. The amount on your next bill may therefore be slightly less than €5. This depends on how long you have already been a BASE and TADAAM customer.

Good to know: What if you pause your TADAAM subscription? Then we also pause your benefit. And if you later restart your TADAAM monthly plan and still meet all the requirements? Then the process is the same as the first time: you get a confirmation mail after 2 to 3 working days.

Frequently asked questions

I have bought a handset with a monthly plan. Can I also get the BASE+TADAAM benefit?

Yes, of course!

As long as you have a valid BASE monthly plan and an active TADAAM subscription, you can enjoy the BASE+TADAAM benefit. You only have to link your TADAAM account to your BASE number (in 'My TADAAM'). 

Valid BASE monthly plans: 

  • 15 Based on you
  • 15 Based on you + Unlimited Calling
  • 20 Based on you
  • 29 Based on you
  • BASE Unlimited

Can the BASE+TADAAM benefit be applied to several BASE numbers?

You can only indicate one phone number in your TADAAM account. If you fill in your BASE number, we will activate the BASE+TADAAM benefit on that specific number. 

So, yes if ...

Do you have several TADAAM subscriptions? Then you can link each subscription to a differeny BASE number. In this case, we will apply the benefit on each (valid) BASE number which is linked to a TADAAM subscription. 

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