Make your life easy with BASE PayByMobile. It is...

  • Simple: You don't need a credit card to pay online. You don’t pay for your purchases until the end of the month, with your mobile phone bill from BASE. Do you have a prepaid card? Then you pay for your purchases with your call credit.
  • Flexible: Set your own limit and only pay at the end of the month.
  • Secure: Two-step identification with your BASE number and SMS verification.
  • Clear: You manage your expenses through the BASE customer zone and you can see them appear neatly on one bill. That way you really stay in control of your budget.
  • Platform-independent: It works on all smartphones (Apple/Android/Windows).

Where to use BASE PayByMobile?

These partners currently accept BASE PayByMobile as a payment method.

Google Play Store

Purchase apps, games and movies for your Android phone and pay with BASE PayByMobile.

Apple Play Store

The App Store is the online shop where you can purchase apps for use on your iOS device.

Microsoft Store

Are you a Windows or Xbox user, and do you want to buy software, games or apps? Then you need to be here.

Playstation Store

As a gamer, you purchase all your PlayStation games, entertainment and subscriptions here.