Why use PayByMobile?

  • Ease of use: you can manage all your online app purchases using your smartphone
  • Secure: verification and identification via SMS code
  • Simple: you no longer need multiple accounts, just your phone number
  • The amounts paid are automatically itemised on your bill or deducted from your monthly plan
  • Available to all BASE customers
  • Available for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones

Install using the App Store & Apple Music

  • Open your App Store, Apple Music or iTunes Store
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • Click on “Payment Information”, followed by “Payment Method”
  • Choose “Via network operator”
  • Select “use this cell phone number”
  • Confirm your details and you’re all set!

Install via Google Play

  • Go to the Google Play menu
  • Choose “My account”
  • Choose “Add method of payment”
  • Choose “Activate BASE invoicing”
  • Confirm your details and that’s it!

Install via the Windows Phone Store

  • Open the Windows Store App
  • Select the content (music, movies, games, app, …) you wish to purchase, and press "Buy" (or "Rent") and then "Next"
  • If you don’t have a payment solution yet, push "Pick a way to pay"
  • Select "Add a new payment method"
  • Select "Mobile phone"
  • Select "BASE" as your mobile operator and enter your phone number
  • A verification code has be sent to your phone number, enter the code.
  • Press "Buy " to confirm the purchase