Third party services

What are Third Party Services?

In recent years, Telenet Group has set up partnerships with a range of national and international partners. Numerous service providers offer their services via Premium Voice numbers, Premium SMS and/or MMS short numbers, or via Direct Operator Billing (PayByMobile). These services make it possible - via your invoice/bill or your prepaid call credit - to (e.g.) pay for an SMS De Lijn ticket, participate in games and contests, access exclusive websites or chat or make apps or music purchases in app stores.

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Who can benefit of the third party services?
Third Party Services are available for postpaid and prepaid customers using the Telenet Group network.

How much cost the third party services?
The service provider offers the service and sets the price you pay for purchasing the service. Telenet Group collects the money on behalf of the service provider.

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Premium SMS / MMS

Premium SMS's/MMS's are all services that are sent by means of a message to or from a short number, and whose price is higher than the normal price of an SMS or MMS.

A short number is one that is composed of four or five digits. The sending of a code or key word to such short numbers is enough to activate the service. The prices for third party services are never set by Telenet Group. When a premium number is used, the owner of the service sets the price independently, within a framework regulated by the Ethical Commission and depending on the type of service.

Would you like to know more about the price of a service or a supplier? Use our searching tool hereup.

070 and 090x services

Premium Voice Services are services that are offered by other parties via the voice network and for which a higher rate is charged than for a standard call.

These premium services are made available via the special numbers beginning with 090x or 070. As soon as you call these numbers, the service is activated. The prices for third party services are never set by Telenet Group. When a premium number is used, the owner of the service sets the price independently, within a framework regulated by the Ethical Commission and depending on the type of service.

Would you like to know more about the price of an 090x or 070 number or about a supplier? Look for the info in the overview.


PayByMobile is an additional payment service for digital purchases. Via the Direct Operator Billing (DOB) platform, suppliers of digital services can allow the end users to pay via the telecom invoice/bill or via the prepaid call credit. This takes place e.g. for payments of applications, websites, market stores, and other digital purchases.

Telenet Group has agreements with several international parties that use the Direct Operator Billing System. The prices for the services that are offered by partners are always set by the owner of the service, never by Telenet Group. 

Would you like to know more about the price of a service, about a supplier ? Use our searching tool hereup.

Bulk sms

Bulk SMS's are messages that are sent by a third party from an application and are free for the end user. Before a party can send a message to the customer, the latter must give permission to the owner of the service. Bulk SMS messages can be recognised because they are always sent from a short number. Do you want to know which company sent you a message? Use our searching tool hereup.

Telenet Group can only provide information on the identity of the sender if the message is sent from the Telenet Group network. If the message is sent from a different network, Telenet Group will have no information about the sender/owner of the service.

Useful info

In case of problems
Do you encounter a problem with a purchased service? Please contact the helpdesk of the service provider.

Service blocking
Want to avoid finding an abnormally large amount on your invoice/bill due to the use of premium services? Nothing could be easier: with the "call blocking" service, you can block calls to certain types of numbers or premium services. Very practical if you have children or teenagers at home. More information? Call 1999 or click here.

How can I protect my children?
Telenet Group does everything it can to protect children who use a mobile phone. In February 2007, the European mobile operators and the service providers set up a joint structure for the entire EU in order to make it safer for children and young teenagers to use mobile phones.

The Belgian mobile operators support this structure and have agreed that they wish to put the structure into practice. You can consult the "Belgian code of conduct for safer mobile phone use by children and young teenagers" here. You will also find more information about this on the websites of Insafe or Child Focus.

Ethical commission
The Ethical Commission for Telecommunications verifies whether pay numbers are being correctly used (for example 090x or 070 numbers, and SMS´s to a four-figure number starting with 3, 4, 7 or 9). The Commission conducts investigations on its own initiative and analyses complaints that are submitted due to non-compliance with the Ethical Code for Telecommunications. Complaints can be filed with the secretariat of the Ethical Commission (Ellipse Building - Building C - Koning Albert II laan 35 - 1030 Brussels). The complaint is presented to the Ethical Commission if the problem cannot be solved through mediation on the operator level. The Ethical Commission can also examine complaints submitted to the Ombudsman Service for Telecommunications if the mediation of the Ombudsman Service for Telecommunications has not produced a satisfactory outcome for the complainant. For more information about the Ethical Commission and its activities, click here.

Code of conduct
The Belgian mobile operators have jointly formulated a code of conduct for the management of Premium SMS services and PayByMobile services.