How can I change my monthly plan or prepaid plan?

Did you find a new monthly plan or another prepaid card which better fits your usage and you would like to switch? You can easily do it in your customer zone. Let's get to work!

Switch from a monthly plan to another monthly plan

Go in your customer zone to "Manage your mobile lines". Click on "Change tarrif plan". You land on a page displaying the different monthly plans we currently offer. You can switch by choosing the product you want.

Note: Depending on your choice, your next bill/invoice can be altered. This is due to the calculation between the monthly plans. So you might have to pay a little more/less.

Switch from a prepaid card to a monthly plan

Do you still have remaining calling credit? Then we will deduce it from your first bill/invoice. This way, nothing is wasted!

Note: Unused data cannot be transferred to your new monthly plan. 

Good to know: Free text messages or calling credit will not be transferred to the new monthly plan. Why? They are unlimited for our monthly plans. 

Switch from a monthly plan to a prepaid card

You first have to cancel your monthly plan. Call us at 1999 for free and we will help you do it without cancellation fee. Once this is done, you can ...

Not yet BASE customer?

Take a look at our offer for prepaid cards and montly plans and buy online the product which fits your needs!

Cancel a BASE monthly plan or prepaid card

Would you like to cancel your BASE monthly plan or prepaid card? Then we willl help you do it. 

Note: Are you switching to another provider? There is little chance that the new provider will transfer it. Make sute you use up your remaining calling credit/packs bfore switching to avoid losing anything. 

  • Monthly plan

Call us for free at 1999 and we will help you do it without cancellation fee. 

  • Prepaid card

You can stop topping up at any moment. 

Note: After 12 months, the prepaid card will be automatically deactivated an any remaining credit will be lost. 

Good to know

You do not always need to change your monthly plan. Sometimes, adding/deleting an option can be the solution.

In your customer zone, under "Manage you mobile lines" and then "Manage your options", you can manage all options of your monthly plan. Would you like to add/remove an option, like calling credit or data for when you are abroad? That's where it happens!