How can I change my monthly plan or prepaid plan?

Have you found a new monthly plan or different prepaid card that suits you better, and would you like to switch? You can do this easily in the My BASE app or in the customer zone. Get started! 

Switch from a monthly plan to another monthly plan

In the My BASE app, go to Tariff plan > Discover our monthly plans and choose a monthly plan.

In your customer zone, go to 'Manage your mobile lines'. Click ‘Change tariff plan’. This takes you to a page that shows all the monthly plans we currently offer. Switch by choosing the monthly plan you want.

Note: Depending on your choice, your next invoice/bill may look different. This is because it includes charges for both monthly plans. So you may have to pay a little more or a little less. 

Switch from a prepaid card to a monthly plan

You do this by following the same steps as when you switch from one monthly plan to another (see above).

Do you still have call credit on your prepaid card? Then we deduct the value of that call credit from your next invoice/bill. So you don't lose anything!

Good to know: 

  • Unused data cannot be transferred to your new monthly plan. 
  • You don't take SMSes and call minutes with you. But these are unlimited in all our monthly plans anyway.

Switch from a monthly plan to a prepaid card

First cancel your monthly plan. Call us on the free number 1999 and we will help you switch from a monthly plan to a prepaid card. Once this is done, you can top up via the My BASE app, customer zone or website and start calling, texting and surfing again. 

Not a BASE customer yet?

Take a look at our range of prepaid cards and montly plans and easily purchase online the product that fits you best! Via the My BASE app, it's quicker and easier than ever!

Cancel a BASE monthly plan or prepaid card

Do you want to cancel your BASE monthly plan or prepaid card? We are disappointed to hear that!  But we are also happy to help you.

Note: Are you switching to a different provider? Then we recommend that you use up your call credit/bundles before you switch so you won't lose anything. The chance that you can take your remaining credit with you to your new provider is small. 

  • Monthly plan

Call us on the free number 1999 and we will arrange it for you with no cancellation fee.

  • Prepaid card

You can stop topping up at any time.

Note: After 12 months the prepaid card is automatically deactivated and unused credit is then lost. 

Good to know

It is not always necessary to change monthly plans. Adding/removing an option can often be the solution.

In the My BASE app, go to Tariff Plan > Manage your options to change your options.

In your customer zone under Manage your mobile lines and Manage your options, you can change all the options of your monthly plan. Do you want to add or remove an option, such as call credit or mobile data outside Europe? That's where you do it!