Avoid roaming costs in border areas of the EU zone

Within the EU, the Roam Like at Home (RLAH) regulation applies. Therefore, the rates for calling, texting and mobile internet are the same as in Belgium. When you are near the border with a non-EU Zone country, your mobile phone may connect to a network that falls within another geographical region, outside the EU. This is the case, for example, in certain places in Switzerland, Turkey, Andorra and Monaco.   When you travel by boat or plane, there is also a chance you will connect to a satellite network, which never falls under the RLAH regulation (e.g. around the Greek islands).

To connect in other geographical regions and via satellite networks, additional roaming charges may apply. This is because our national tariff is not applicable, because RLAH does not apply there.

You get a text message showing roaming tariffs and...

...you want to avoid unintentional roaming charges?

  • Turn off mobile data and data roaming via your handset's settings, or switch to aeroplane mode. Note: This only enables you to avoid roaming charges for mobile internet. It does not work for calling and texting.
  • Manually select the network of an operator in the country you are visiting.
  • Read how to keep your mobile usage under control while abroad.
  • See our tariffs for international calling and texting.
  • If your roaming costs exceed a certain threshold, we deactivate your roaming option to prevent you from getting sky-high invoices.

...you want to call, text and use mobile internet for roaming tariffs

  • Easily monitor your usage via the My BASE app. Want to keep it completely under control? Then set a usage notification or limit.
  • Find out exactly what you will pay via our handy roaming calculator.
  • Note! This amount can add up very quickly. For example, watching TV for 1.5 hours in Switzerland via your mobile data = 1 GB = €3000.