Limit/switch off international roaming

Do you want to prevent extra costs while abroad? Then limit or switch off your roaming. That way you determine for yourself how much you spend on roaming. 

Temporarily switch off data roaming on your handset

You can temporarily disable mobile internet (data roaming) in your handset's settings. Consult the manual for your handset for more info.

Do you need help? Be sure to use our tool to configure your smartphone and switch off roaming. 

Good to know: In the EU zone, you pay the same for your mobile usage as in Belgium. More info about roaming tariffs.

Switch off roaming through a call or USSD-code

You can also switch off roaming through a call or by giving a specific USSD-code into your mobile phone. 

Through a call

Want to turn roaming off...

  • from Belgium, via your handset? Call 1999.
  • from Belgium, via another phone? Call 0486191999.
  • from abroad? Call +32486191999.

Unblocking is done exactly the same way. 

Using a USSD code

Take a look at our list of USSD codes and manage international calls and messages on your mobile phone. In the list, you will also find specific codes to lift the blockings.

Limit or completely switch off roaming via the customer zone

In your customer zone you can manage your usage yourself by following the steps below. You also see straight away what percentage you have already used.

Note: If you completely disable roaming, you can no longer be reached while abroad. If someone calls you, they will go directly to your voicemail.

Good to know: When you have reached your limit, you will temporarily no longer be able to browse via mobile internet. You will then receive a text message to warn you that we have temporarily blocked your mobile internet. If you want to continue browsing, respond with DATAROAMINGCONTINUE.

Setting overall usage limit

Go to 'Set your usage notifications': you can set notifications concerning your usage within and beyond your bundle. Under 'Usage beyond bundle', you can select one or more usage amounts for when your usage goes beyond your bundle. For every selected amount, you receive a notification when you exceed it. Would you prefer to receive the notifications via email or at another mobile number? That's possible too!

Note: By setting these usage amounts, you receive a notification. If you nevertheless continue browsing, calling and texting, the amount beyond your bundle continues to rise. 

Want to limit your mobile usage? Via "Limit your mobile usage", you can set a limit of 60,50 € beyond your monthly plan for mobile usage.

Disabling roaming and data roaming

Go to 'Limit your mobile usage'. Under 'From abroad' you have the choice to block data usage, texting or calls while you are abroad or in general. Select exactly what you want to block (calls, texts or data usage), and remember to save your choice.