How does voicemail work?

Activating your voicemail

Call 1933 to activate your BASE voicemail. Follow the instructions to create your access code and record your greeting.

Changing your voicemail settings

Enter your access code to change the settings for your voicemail or record a new greeting. Forgot your access code? Then press ** to receive your access code via SMS on your mobile phone.

Listening to your voicemail

Call 1933 to listen to your voicemail for free in Belgium. Are you abroad or are you using a handset other than your mobile phone? Then call +32 486 19 1933 and enter your access code. When abroad you pay the tariff for a regular call. Then you can save (max. 30), forward or erase your voicemail messages.

Good to know:
Your voicemail messages are saved for 30 days.

Want to listen to your voicemail while abroad?

You can, by calling +32486191933. You want to listen to your voicemail messages...

  • in the EU zone? Then you pay the same tariffs as for a regular call in Belgium.
  • outside the EU zone? Then you pay the tariffs for roaming outside Europe for your call.

Good to know

  • When someone calls you and you don't pick up, they go to your voicemail. This costs you nothing, even if you're abroad.

Note: Forwarding a message or calling someone back via your voicemail, for example, is not free.

How much time does the person calling me have for recording a voicemail message?

Callers have a maximum of 300 seconds for recording a message.

Have you listened to your message? Then you can save it, forward it or erase it.

Tip: Press # to automatically call back the person who called you (this only works if the number is not hidden).

Too little time to pick up your call?

The standard ring time is 15 seconds, but you can easily change this yourself:

  • Enter the following code in your mobile phone (as if it were a telephone number): **61*+32486191933**number#. Number can be 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.
  • Press Call. A message appears on your screen as confirmation.

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