Do you make little use of your 0 euro monthly plan?

Do you have a BASE 0, B-0, BASE C postpaid, postpaid ALL 0 or BASE Zero? And do you use your monthly plan very rarely? No problem. But it would be a good idea to call, text or browse with it every now and then.

Why do we recommend that you call or text once in a while?

We want to avoid having too many unused SIM cards in circulation.

Therefore we deactivate SIM cards that have not been used in the last 12 months. Once we deactivate such a SIM card, it can never be used again.

So call, text or browse at least once a year!

You can simply call your voicemail by dialling 1933. That is all it takes, and the call is free in Belgium.

Or you can fill in the web form below to let us know the number should not be deactivated.


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