Unlimited offer - Terms & conditions

* Terms and conditions for normal use in the framework of an unlimited offer

To be able to guarantee you optimal terms of use, our unlimited offers are exclusively restricted to normal professional use. This normal use allows you very intensive use of the relevant services. Only in case of fraude (including commercial use of the contract, in particular for call center or SIM box purposes, and/or making this available to third parties, e.g. through hotspotting), dishonest use or, more generally, use that is not in accordance with the use that could be expected of a customer who concludes the contract for the service(s) concerned (such as in particular the use of your mobile as a baby phone or – in the framework of an unlimited mobile data offer – the use of the simcard in other devices than in a mobile or smartphone, including in surveillance camera's or gateway devices) this is not respected.

Your use will, for example, be deemed fraudulent in the following cases :

  • You regularly call more than 6 hours a day and/or 30 hours a week.
  • You regularly call more than 3 hours without interruption and/or you make calls that are immediately resumed after being interrupted.
  • You send more than 350 text messages a day and/or 10.000 text messages a month.
  • Per month you regularly use 10 (or more) times more data than the average number of data used by all customers with an unlimited offer.
  • Your mobile data usage puts an abnormal strain on the network and/or could negatively impact the experience of other customers.

In all these cases Telenet Group NV/SA reserves the right to restrict the delivery of services or to suspend and/or terminate your contract.