Advantages of the PayByMobile app

  • Easy: use your smartphone to shop online
  • Secure: your identification is systematically confirmed via SMS
  • Hassle free: you don’t need different accounts anymore, your mobile phone number will do

Install via the App Store and Apple Music

  • Open the App Store, Apple Music or iTunes Store
  • Scroll down and click on your Apple ID
  • Select “Show my Apple ID”, register if needed
  • Select “Invoicing” followed by “Methods of Payment”
  • Choose “Via operator” from the list
  • Select “Use this number”, click on “Next” and PayByMobile will be activated

Install via Google Play

  • Open the menu in Google Play
  • Select “My account”
  • Select “Change method of payment”
  • Select “Activate invoicing by BASE” and confirm your details

Install via the Windows Phone store

  • Choose the app, music or movie you wish to purchase
  • Select “Purchase”
  • Select “Add or modify method of payment”
  • Select “Invoicing by BASE”