Manage your budget

Do you want to check the status of your mobile usage from your smartphone, where ever you are? The My BASE app is the ideal companion.

Change your monthly plan and options

When situations change, so do your needs. You can now manage your monthly plans and add or remove options. It’s easy with the My BASE app.

Pay your invoices

Would you like to be able to quickly take care of pending invoices at a time that best suits you? This can be done with the My BASE app.

With My BASE, you can simply:

  • Manage your budget: no unpleasant surprises
  • Pay your invoices
  • Change your options
  • Change your monthly plan
  • Easily find a BASE shop
  • Get in touch with BASE customer services
  • My BASE is free for all customers and available for smartphones and smartwatches

Install on Android

Available for Android 4 and higher

Install on iPhone

Available for iOS 6.1 and higher

Install on Windows Phone

Available for Windows 7.5 and higher