BASE cloud


Do you require the best security? BASE cloud encrypts all your files and protects them in a data centre located in the European Union, and without any advertising.


Do you want to be able to access your data anytime you need to? You'll only need an Internet connection to find all your files at one address https://cloud.base.be. Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as PC and Mac.


Your data is automatically updated by the BASE cloud. You don't need a credit card. Do you need something or have you got a question? Our free customer service is available by telephone. You can also go to our BASE shops.


1 GB

Store all your contacts and a substantial portion of your pictures


Text BASEcloud1
to 1910

€ 1.25

32 GB

Store all your contacts, 13.000 pictures and other data


Text BASEcloud32
to 1910

€ 7.50


Store all your professional data without a problem


Text BASEcloudUNL
to 1910

Advantages of BASE cloud

  • The contents of your smartphone, tablet and computer are stored online, freeing up space on your devices. It’s simple and efficient!
  • A new device? Synchronise and retrieve your contacts and files with ease
  • You can easily share your files with colleagues and customers
  • Access your files via your smartphone, tablet or any computer via https://cloud.base.be.