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Apple iPhone 8 64 GB Spacegrey

€ 569,42

Available at our BASE shop

Apple iPhone X 64 GB Spacegrey

€ 850,41

Available at our BASE shop

Apple iPhone Xs 64 GB Spacegrey

€ 957,85

Available at our BASE shop

Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB Spacegrey

€ 1.040,50

Available at our BASE shop

Apple iPhone Xr 64GB Black

€ 709,92

Available at our BASE shop

Samsung Galaxy S9 64 GB Black

€ 577,69

Available at our BASE shop

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64 GB Black

€ 685,12

Available at our BASE shop

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Blue

€ 825,62

Available at our BASE shop

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* Offer restricted to normal professional use as defined here.

All the tariffs that are exclusive of VAT and are subject to the general conditions and the special terms and conditions of Telenet Group bvba/sprl. They are reserved for professionals who have a VAT number and those exercising a liberal profession. The special terms and conditions determine in which countries the included minutes, texts and MB data are valid. Calling and texting to special numbers, as well as the use of third parties services, is not included; the costs implied by this use will be billed outside of any package and/or bundle. You pay per second, after the first minute. To know the cost of communications to special numbers (070, 0900, 1207, 1307,...), international calls and roaming, please call 1940 via BASE (free in Belgium) or +32 (0)486 19 1940 from any other network (charges will occur).

Discounts on smartphones with a monthly plan
Offer valid until 31/12/2018 included for those activating a new Pro Contact, Pro Connect, Pro Europe or Pro World subscription or for each BASE customer having a Pro Contact, Pro Connect, Pro Europe or Pro World, and who has signed a 24-month amortization table for one of the following smartphones. The customer will receive € 82,64 VAT excluded discount on the purchase of the Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max  and Apple iPhone XR. On the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy A6, Samsung Galaxy A7, Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro the customer will receive € 123,97 VAT excluded discount. If ever however the subscription is stopped or downgraded within the first 24 months by the customer, Telenet Group bvba reserves the right to recover the residual value of the discount on the unit. This offer is limited to one handset per subscription and not valid for customers who have already signed an amortization table during a previous promotion. Maximum 2 handsets per customer. The offer cannot be combined with other offers and promotions. Offer valid while supplies last and reserved for professionals with maximum 5 lines only.

** 24 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, South Africa,Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and USA