Telenet CTO Micha Berger:

"Telenet invests half a million euro in its mobile network every day."

Internet hangt niet zomaar in de lucht. We bellen niet zomaar met onze smartphone. We surfen niet zomaar steeds vlotter mobiel. Om dit dagelijks te realiseren investeert Telenet een half miljoen euro per dag in haar mobiele netwerk. CTO van Telenet, Micha Berger, legt uit hoe Telenet het beste en snelste mobiele netwerk bouwt.

Why is Telenet investing so strongly in its mobile network?

Micha Berger: "A half million euro every day is necessary to stay a step ahead of the growth of the economy and the needs of our clients. We see the needs of our clients increasing. Year after year, the use of mobile data grows by 50% to 60%. At the same time, our clients ask for faster speeds, a better network with smaller delays (also known as latency). Doing so allows them to offer ever more sophisticated services to their clients."

What can we expect from this upgrade to your network?

Micha Berger: "We are investing in each one of our 2,800 sites to upgrade them to the best, most modern technology that exists. Plus, we will be adding more than 800 new sites by 2020.
60 teams of more than 200 people are climbing the masts every day, working on the roofs of apartment buildings and in church towers to replace and improve transmitting equipment. Thanks to their efforts, we can offer our clients an ultrafast 4G network."

How does your network perform today?

Micha Berger: "Because 2233 of these 2800 sites have already been modernised, the network is performing better today than it used to. 99% of the telephone calls made on our network are successful. The 4G download speed averages 39.2 megabits per second. 99.3% of pages load successfully on the 4G network.

‘In Belgium, we are working on 4G at an accelerated pace. Today, there are still places, every here and there, where 2G is still the norm. We have to catch up, especially in Wallonia. And we are doing that. By the end of 2017, the majority of Belgium will be covered by 4G. In March 2018, almost the entire country will be covered by 4G."

How is Telenet preparing for the future?

Micha Berger: "As a company, we want to do more than just offer an ultrafast 4G network. We will change our DNA to become more agile, more flexible and faster. At the same time, we want to think outside the box instead of limiting ourselves to the classic way of doing business.
We have just opened our Innovation Centre to help us with this.  We invite companies and partners to discover new possibilities with us, to build features that we don’t have today, to make a future together. By doing so, Telenet stimulates, deepens and streamlines internal and expert innovation projects.
At the same time, we are also turning our vision into reality: becoming the leading converged, connected entertainment and business solutions provider in Belgium."

How do small companies, such as bakers and butchers, benefit from a better network?

Micha Berger: "No matter what size they are, or which market they are in, companies need their own digital solutions. How they do business is becoming more and more complex. And their client needs are becoming equally complex at the same time. This is why companies must have a quick, reliable voice and data connectivity that will grow with their businesses. Our network and technology puts them in a position where they can meet the needs of their clients in the best way possible. With the renovated network, we better enable our clients to grow according to their needs and data capacity."