BASE invests to offer you a performant network

We invest 250 million euro to modernise existing sites. On top of this we will build up to 1.000 additional relay sites by 2020.

Hence you can count on a stable network with optimal coverage.

BASE, the 3G/4G mobile network

Thanks to our performance network you can surf, stream and download fast via our 3G/4G network.

Discover your mobile coverage on the map below. Here you can see the coverage in your region at a glance.

BASE: 99.3% of calls without interruption*

We build on continuous improvement for the quality of voice calls on a daily basis.

* Based on measurements done by the independent agency CommSquare between 31/08/2017 and 18/09/2017.

"Telenet invests half a million euro in its mobile network every day."

Telenet CTO, Micha Berger, explains how Telenet builds the best and fastest mobile network.