The advantages of 5G

The future

5G is the network of the future. Ready for more users, more devices. And that's essential because we use the internet more and more every day.


Lagging video and stuttering calls are now behind us. Thanks to the greater bandwidth of 5G, your connections are even more reliable.

Response time

There is less delay (or latency) between sender and receiver. And that means your devices send data to each other more quickly. So they communicate with each other faster.

What do you need in order to use 5G mobile internet?

5G handset

First and foremost, your handset must have the right technology to use the 5G network. So a recent handset is a must! Apple fan? Then install the latest version of iOS.

Activate in the app

At BASE it's up to you whether you want to use 5G or not. You make your choice in the My BASE app. Click ‘More’ and choose 5G!

5G network

5G is not available everywhere in Belgium yet. Handset and activation ready? Then your handset automatically connects to 5G where it can. No 5G? Then you simply use good old 4G.