Keep an eye on your budget: blocking calls

You can block calls that make you spend a lot of money, such as international calls, expensive SMS services or calls to 090x numbers. Convenient, especially with children at home!

Block standard calls and text messages

You can block and unblock standard calls and text messages with your mobile phone. Follow these easy steps:

  • Enter the code. The default password is 0486.
  • Press the dial button of your phone.
  • You will receive a confirmation text message once your request is processed.

Good to know: the call forwarding service cancels the blocking calls service. If call forwarding is activated, only your text messages will be blocked.

What do you want to block?
Outgoing calls and SMSs
You can only receive calls and SMSs.
Incoming calls and SMSs
You can only make calls and send SMSs.
Outgoing international calls and SMSs
You can still receive international calls and SMSs.
Outgoing international calls and SMSs while abroad
While abroad, you can only call and send SMSs to Belgian numbers and numbers in the country where you are staying.

Block third party services

BASE can block several series of short codes and special numbers.
Contact our customer service:

  • By the contact form on the customer zone – My messages. Indicate which series of short codes/special numbers you wish to block.
  • By calling 1999 (from another phone: 0486191999)

Special numbers
- 090x (calls to all 090x services)
- 0905 (games, competitions, logos, ringtones, leisure products/services,...)
- 09051 (TV games)
- 0906, 0907 (adult content)
- international premium numbers

SMS services
- 2xxx (other)
- 3xxx (other)
- 4xxx (public and commercial services)
- 5xxx (ringtones, logo’s and games)
- 6xxx (ringtones, logo’s and games)
- 61xx (TV-games)
- 7xxx (adult)
- 8xxx (free services)
- 9xxx (services with subscription)

Digital internet services
- adult content
- purchases

Everything about Third party services.

While travelling

This service remains active, even when abroad.

Fraudulent calls

Anyone can receive fraudulent calls once in a while. Many BASE customers have notified unwanted calls from an international number that appear to be fraudulent. Making calls to unknown foreign numbers can make your phone bill higher than expected or considerably reduce your call credit.

BASE has immediately blocked the numbers used as part of this IT fraud. In addition, we have taken every possible measure to avoid any subsequent damage.

Finally, we would like to give you a tip to help you recognize suspicious calls and avoid traps:

  • The best way to protect yourself against these calls remains: do not pick up or return the call!
  • Do not return calls to unknown foreign numbers. Numbers starting with +870, +871, +872, +873, +874, +881, +882 connect you to a satellite and are subject to higher charges.