Technology evolves at breakneck speed. Fixed telephony became calling on the go, texting became WhatsApping and we all use more data than ever. At BASE, we ensure that you keep up with every technological advancement. That is why we will stop the outdated 3G signal from September 2024. 

Why will the 3G- signal disappear?

Since 2014, we have mainly been calling, surfing and texting over the 4G network. And now also over 5G. That is why the 3G signal is gradually disappearing worldwide. This way we free up more space for faster 4G, 5G and future technologies that will make calling and surfing even faster, safer and more stable. 

Do the device check

Chances are that your smartphone or tablet is already calling and surfing over 4G today, so you don't have to do anything. Want to be sure? Do the check here!

Check your device

Find out whether you still call or surf via 3G, or already via 4G.

Are you still calling or surfing via 3G?

Rest assured, at the moment, you don't have to do anything yet. You can continue to make calls and surf smoothly via the 3G signal for a while. You will receive a timely email or letter from us with all the necessary information. We will guide you every step of the way to a solution.