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Convince a friend or family member to take a BASE monthly plan for at least €20/month between 11 October and 7 November 2021.

They mention that you referred them

Your friend or family member becomes a customer via At the end, they enter your mobile number on the application form.  You can also arrange this at a BASE Shop or by calling 0800 66 311.

Activate, and that's it!

As soon as your friend or family member activates the new number, you both start enjoying the lifelong benefit. The benefit continues for as long as your friend/family member has a BASE monthly plan.

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Unlimited calls and SMS, that's standard

*Offer restricted to normal use as defined here

Do you have a different monthly plan?

Then we automatically switch you to the monthly plan as close as possible above your current monthly plan.
And you get the € 5 benefit on it!

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Chat directly with an employee. Are we not here at the moment? Then we will answer you on Facebook Messenger within 24h.

Call us at 0800 66 311

Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 22:00
Saturday: 09:00 to 17:30
Sunday and holidays: closed

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* Offer restricted to normal use as defined here.

5 €* a month for whole contract duration on a  €20, € 29 /month or € 40 /month plan 

  1. For new BASE customers

    * The promotion is automatically applied to new customers during the confirmation of your order. 

    Offer valid for private customers from 11/10/2021 up to and including 7/11/2021. If a BASE mobile contract is activated, the customer will receive, after activation, a € 5 discount on the cost of the monthly mobile contract for life. With a mobile contract of €20/month the actual monthly cost will be €15, with a € 29 /month, the actual monthly cost will be € 24; and with a mobile contract of € 40 /month, the actual monthly cost will be € 35.   

    This offer applies exclusively to new BASE customers (who in the 3 months prior to signing up for the offer were not already a BASE customer with a contract).  Customers using a BASE prepaid card who want to switch to a BASE mobile contract must not have had a BASE contract for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to signing up. 

     This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, except with BASE+Tadaam advantage.

  2. For existing BASE customers

    Existing BASE customers are also entitled to this discount, but only if they have been a BASE customer for more than 3 months and if they can introduce a new BASE customer for a mobile contract of €20/month, € 29 /month or € 40 /month .
    The discount applies to current € 20, € 29 and € 40 (Unlimited) tariff plans. If the existing customer has a different tariff plan, they will be transferred to one of the above tariff plans. Providing these conditions are met, the existing BASE customer will receive a € 5 discount on the monthly subscription fee for life, where applicable following a transfer to a current and more competitive tariff plan. The discount and, where applicable, the transfer will be allocated and/or implemented automatically as soon as the new customer’s SIM card has been activated. This must be completed at the latest 30 days after purchase.  If the new customer cancels their subscription, we reserve the right to migrate the existing customer back to the original plan. 

    The existing customer loses his €5 monthly discount if he cancels his subscription, migrates to a €15 or lower rate plan, or if the customer he introduced cancels his subscription. Action for existing customer cannot be combined with other offers and promotions, except with smartphone promo or BASE+Tadaam advantage. 

Promotion Based on you 15

Temporary promotion on BASE subscription of €15/month: offer valid from 11/10/2021 through 7/11/2021. On condition of activation of the above BASE subscriptions, the customer benefits froms a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee for the first 3 months after activation. Offer reserved for private individuals who do not yet have a BASE subscription; customers with a BASE top-up card who want to switch to a BASE subscription must not have had a BASE subscription for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to subscription. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions.

Data Jump, exclusively for BASE: based on a mobile monthly plans comparison made on the 15/01/2020 at the following operators : Mobile Vikings, Orange, Proximus, Scarlet, Telenet, Voo.

The BASE rates include VAT and are subject to the general terms and conditions and special conditions of Telenet Group NV/SA. They are reserved for personal and private use only. After the first minute, you will be charged per second. Any inclusive minutes from BASE to BASE are only valid for use within Belgium. Any other inclusive minutes and text messages are applicable for use within Belgium (to Belgian numbers) and the EU zone (to numbers within the EU zone); any inclusive mobile data are applicable for use within Belgium and the EU zone. The international rates can be found here. Calling and texting to special numbers, as well as the use of third-party services, is not included; this usage will always be charged on top of any credit and/or bundles. To find out the rates for calls to special numbers (070, 0900, 1207,...), please contact us via the customer zone or call 1999 via BASE (free in Belgium) or +32 (0)486 19 1999 via any other network (subject to charge).

Mobile subscriptions for individuals are without fixed term contract. You may terminate your contract at any time.

Special conditions of your Based on you
Data Jump: Non-used credit of your monthly plan will be carried over to the following month. The next month, you will first consume the unused credit of the previous month. Non-used credit may be carried over for one month only. In the event of a change in tariff plan or termination of the contract, the carried-over credit is not taken into account for pro rata invoicing/refund. The transferred credit expires upon assignment of the agreement by the customer. Unlimited calls to BASE: unlimited number of call minutes to BASE customers. Offer restricted to normal private use, as defined here.

Special condition for option Unlimited calling
Option only available for customers with a Based on you monthly plan. The price of the selected option is automatically added to your invoice each month. By activating this option you enter an open-ended contract which you can cancel at no charge whenever you like. However, you can only activate the option once per invoicing period.

Unlimited calling is restricted to normal personal use, as defined here.

Special condition for option World Internet
The amount of the selected Internet World option will be automatically added to your invoice each month. The rates are only valid abroad with one of the partner networks. After you used the MBs data included in your monthly bundle, the amount of data transferred exceeding this volume will be charged per KB at € 0.24/MB.

Special conditions BASE Unlimited
Unlimited* mobile data included in BASE Unlimited:
(i) Consumption in Belgium: once the consumption exceeds a volume of 25 GB/month, the customer can continue surfing at a reduced speed of 512 kbps until the next billing period;
(ii) Usage in the rest of the EU zone: when consumption exceeds 22 GB/month, the customer can continue to surf at normal speed at € 0.0036 (VAT included) per MB.
* Offer restricted to normal personal use as defined in the "Terms and Conditions for normal use in the framework of an unlimited offer".
If you change your BASE Unlimited monthly plan to another BASE monthly plan, you cannot again activate a BASE Unlimited monthly plan for the same mobile number within the same billing period.