Fix2Go, the solution for all your smartphone and tablet problems


Broken screen, battery that doesn't charge, smartphone dropped in the water… just go to any Fix2Go shop.

Our specialists will happily diagnose the problem and fix your device on the spot. Starting from €8.

BASE saves you time, avoids loss of any contact details and gets you informed. Our specialists are on stand by to fully configure your new smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. And it's free for all BASE customers.

We have been appointed as an official Samsung repair service provider. We'll repair your Samsung device with original parts when it is still under warranty. Only available at the BASE shops in Antwerp Central, Châtelineau, and the Woluwe Shopping Centre.

Thanks to our Fix2Go shops you’re up and running again!

  • Repairs, replacements, updates, configurations…
  • Without appointment
  • Original parts
  • Specialized technicians + 6 months guarantee
  • Also for non-BASE clients
  • All brands

General terms and conditions

1. Valid at all Telenet Group bvba/sprl Fix 2 Go-shops. Items to be repaired must be taken by the customer to our Fix 2 Go-shops. This service is not available for all items.

2. By requesting a repair outside the statutory warranty period, the customer acknowledges that he/she waives his/her statutory warranty for the repair in question.

3. The repair will only be carried out after approval from the customer. The prices given in our estimates are valid for one month. Our estimates are always calculated subject to any additional costs generated by the replacement of parts whose defectiveness can only be established while the repair is being carried out. If this is the case, a second estimate will be submitted for the customer’s approval. The customer has 30 days to notify Telenet Group bvba/sprl of his or her decision regarding the price quoted.

4. A loan phone can be available for the customer at an additional cost.

5. The time required for the repair is stated in good faith; the time stated is indicative only and does not constitute an essential condition of the contract. If the repair is not possible on site due to a lack of technical support or because there are no spare parts in stock, the item will have to be sent away for repair, or the spare parts required will have to be ordered. Telenet Group bvba/sprl is not responsible for the delivery times of spare parts.

6. If certain spare parts essential for the repair are no longer available, the customer may not take action against Telenet Group bvba/sprl by invoking the total or partial non-functioning of the item.

7. Parts replaced during the repair and items that cannot be repaired will only be returned to the customer if a specific request for this is made at the time the item is handed in for repair. Returns such as this may give rise to the payment of carriage costs, as well as the cost of repairing the item.

8. Telenet Group bvba/sprl is not liable for the late dispatch or mislaying of items or parts and will not compensate the customer for any damage or harm suffered as a result.

9. Telenet Group bvba/sprl is not liable for any loss of content (contacts, photos, videos, documents, apps,...). The customer is responsible for backing up this data before taking the item in for repair.

10. After being notified of the completion of the repair process, the customer must collect the item within 90 days. After this 90-day period has expired, the device will be deemed abandoned and will be recycled by Telenet Group bvba/sprl in accordance with environmental standards, without compensation or charge for the customer.

11. Any complaints regarding visible damage caused by our technicians or carriers to repaired items must be made in writing to Telenet Group bvba/sprl on the accompanying documents at the time of collection.

12. All repairs are given a six-month warranty, provided the same defect occurs and said defect has not been caused by inappropriate use. All repairs are given a six-month warranty. If the same problem occurs again within that period, Telenet Group bvba/sprl will attempt to remedy the problem at no cost to the customer, or else Telenet Group bvba/sprl will advise the customer to require the repair from the manufacturer, in accordance with the statutory warranty in effect. Under no circumstances will cases of rust or shock be covered by the statutory warranty. 

13. Telenet Group bvba/sprl has the right to ask the manufacturer to intervene in the context of the statutory warranty linked to the item, if necessary.

14. The liability of Telenet Group bvba/sprl cannot be invoked if the service has to be modified or halted on account of due to circumstances beyond the control of Telenet Group bvba/sprl. Nor may Telenet Group bvba/sprl ne be held liable for any consequences arising from this decision, thereby discarding any possibility of compensation. Telenet Group bvba/sprl reserves the right to make additions or modifications to its general terms and conditions and to make such changes known. These changes will be treated as annexes to these regulations.