A maximum of music

Already more than 20 million songs and being added to on a daily basis. Create unlimited playlists or your personal radio station. Listen to your favourite tunes and share them with your friends. All of this without adverts.

Easy at all times

Look up your favourite song and simply press play. It's instantaneous and offers exceptional sound quality (320 kbps). And don't worry about storing GBs of data, everything is saved online.

Total freedom

Make the most of your unlimited access from your smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV. Your music goes everywhere you go, even when there is no connection, thanks to downloading.

Why choose Spotify Premium?

  • Listen to more than 20 million songs "on demand"
  • No interruptions, no advertising
  • Zap as much as you want: you can jump from one song to the next as much as you want to
  • Your playlists are always available after you've downloaded them, even when you are not connected
  • Incredibly high definition sound (320 kbps)
  • Only € 7.99/month during the first 6 months