Combine the best of two worlds with BASE and TADAAM.

Easy and flexible

Add internet and TV by TADAAM to your BASE subscription and create your package online. Next day delivery! 

Via BASE’s 4G network

Surfing and watching TV is possible anywhere in Belgium where there is a strong 4G signal*. Test your 4G connection for Apple or Android here. 

Starting from €50/month with a €5 benefit

Going for such a package? Then you save € 5 per month for life on your BASE bill.

BASE customers on TADAAM:

Pieter: “I’ve just moved in with my girlfriend and we have so much to take care of... But internet and TV? I didn’t need a technician for that. Just plug in and presto!” 

Laetitia: “€50 per month for my BASE subscription and unlimited internet and TV... That’s practically for free! And I can take my TADAAM with me to my caravan on the coast. Just perfect!”  

What does your BASE + TADAAM package look like?

Combine as from €50 per month

  • Step 1: Become a TADAAM customer.
    Choose your TADAAM below. When completing your TADAAM order remember to enter your BASE mobile number to enjoy your €5 benefit. Click here to find out how.

    Your €5 benefit is not added to your shopping cart and is not mentioned in the confirmation email for your order. But don’t worry: it will be included on your next BASE bill.

  • Step 2: your benefit gets automatically activated.
    As soon as your €5 benefit is activated BASE will send you a separate confirmation email.

    Is your own BASE subscription not included in the table below? Then it is obsolete. To enjoy the €5 benefit you have to switch to one of the new advantageous subscriptions.

Existing BASE customer

Complete your package



{{ ctrl.offerPrice | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }}

first 3 months

/ month

More details
More details

Indicate your BASE monthly plan

Your selection is used as an indication for the price simulation. By clicking on 'I want this', your current BASE-subscription does not change and you will continue with your TADAAM order.
Can I benefit from the € 5 advantage with my current BASE subscription?

BASE € 15

3 GB 
Unlimited * calls and texts

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BASE € 20

10 GB 
Unlimited * calls and texts


{{ 20 | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month
BASE € 29

16 GB
Unlimited * calls and texts


{{ 29 | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month
BASE € 40

Unlimited data 
Unlimited * calls and texts 


{{ 40 | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month

Choose your TADAAM plan


Unlimited internet​ 
30 Mbps internet speed​
TV in HD on 1 screen

{{ 40 | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month

Unlimited internet​ 
50 Mbps internet speed​
TV in HD on 3 screens ​at a time

{{ 50 | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month

Your current choice


{{ ctrl.selectedBasePrice | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month


{{ ctrl.selectedBaseOfferPrice | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month, first 3 months

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BASE + TADAAM advantage**

- {{ ctrl.btPromoAmount | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month

Your combination:

First 3 months:

{{ ctrl.offerPrice | customCurrency:'€':2:undefined:undefined:true }} /month

After 3 months:

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**- € 5 benefit: as a BASE+TADAAM customer you enjoy a € 5 benefit on your monthly BASE plan.

You’re not a BASE customer yet but you’re already a TADAAM customer? 

Neither a BASE customer nor a TADAAM customer?

Good to know

How can I get the €5 benefit?

Do you already have a BASE monthly plan of €15 (old or new), €20, €29 or €40 ? Then become a TADAAM customer as well. 

You’re a BASE customer but you don’t have a BASE monthly plan of €15 (old or new), €20, €29 or €40 yet? Then switch to one of these subscriptions and combine it with a TADAAM subscription.

You’re both a BASE and TADAAM customer? Then you’ll see a €5 discount on your next BASE bill. 

I’m a BASE and TADAAM customer but I haven’t received my €5 benefit yet...

Check here to see if you entered a valid BASE mobile number in your TADAAM customer zone. If not, you can easily do so via ‘MY TADAAM > YOUR DATA > PHONE’.

Your benefit will then automatically be included on your next BASE payment statement. Several days after your discount has been awarded you will receive a confirmation email a few days after your benefit has been granted.

Still haven’t received your discount?

Let us know via Facebook Messenger.

Taken out a BASE-subscription with a new mobile number?

Your SIM card will arrive within two business days. Be sure to enter your BASE number in your TADAAM account during registration. That's how we know to activate your discount. You will find your BASE number in the confirmation mail. 

I have an old BASE subscription. How can I make the switch?

In the My BASE-app

In your customer zone

Via our customer service at 1999

In a BASE Shop in your area

Check if you have sufficient network coverage for a TADAAM subscription?

The TADAAM positioning system app gives you an idea whether your local mobile network permits optimum use of the TADAAM service. The app also indicates the best installation location for your TADAAM modem.

Download the app now! - Apple

Download the app now! - Android

TADAAM internet works anywhere in Belgium. You can consult your personal situation on the coverage map of the telecom regulator BIPT.

* Conditions  

5 €/month advantage on the BASE invoice: offer valid for private individuals who are customers of both BASE and TADAAM. Valid for new and existing BASE customers who have a 15 Based on you, a 15 Based on you + Unlimited Calling, a 20 Based on you, a 29 Based on you or a Base Unlimited subscription, and who are also new or existing Tadaam customers (standard or premium). Offer only valid for private use. The customer must have an active BASE mobile number and be an active Tadaam customer who makes 1 payment per month. A requirement for entitlement to the special offer is the registration of the BASE mobile number in your Tadaam customer zone. The offer may not be shared with persons outside the domestic circle. If the customer pauses Tadaam, the advantage will be suspended as long as the subscription is paused. 1 advantage applies per BASE mobile number. The advantage will be calculated pro-rata. The offer can be combined with other special offers and smartphone deals. BASE and Tadaam reserve the right to change or end the special offer.  

Promotions Based on you 15, 20, 29 and BASE Unlimited
Temporary promotion on BASE subscription of €15/month, € 20/month, € 29/month and BASE Unlimited: offer valid from 05/04/2021 through 31/12/2021. On condition of activation of the above BASE subscriptions, the customer benefits froms a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee for the first 3 months after activation. Offer reserved for private individuals who do not yet have a BASE subscription; customers with a BASE top-up card who want to switch to a BASE subscription must not have had a BASE subscription for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to subscription. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions.

Special conditions of your Based on you
Data Jump: Non-used credit of your monthly plan will be carried over to the following month. The next month, you will first consume the unused credit of the previous month. Non-used credit may be carried over for one month only. In the event of a change in tariff plan or termination of the contract, the carried-over credit is not taken into account for pro rata invoicing/refund. The transferred credit expires upon assignment of the agreement by the customer. Unlimited calls to BASE: unlimited number of call minutes to BASE customers. Offer restricted to normal private use, as defined here.

Special condition for option Unlimited calling
Option only available for customers with a Based on you monthly plan. The price of the selected option is automatically added to your invoice each month. By activating this option you enter an open-ended contract which you can cancel at no charge whenever you like. However, you can only activate the option once per invoicing period.

Unlimited calling is restricted to normal personal use, as defined here.