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Options for BASE monthly plans

Options monthly plans

Your BASE monthly plan, that also means free music and cheap Internet abroad. Discover our handy options here!

Spotify Premium - Voice International/RoamingData roaming

Options for BASE prepaid cards

Options prepaid cards

With a BASE prepaid card you can enjoy special rates to surf the Internet, send e-mails and call someone abroad. Do not wait any longer, discover this offer now!

Surf & Mail - Voice International/Roaming - Data roaming

Calls - BASE options and services


No time to pick up? Our missed call notification will provide you with all the information. This way you can forward calls and block numbers. Discover the BASE call services here!

Voicemail - Visual voicemailMissed call notification - Call transfer - Call blockingChat callSecond call - Voice deposit - Outdial - Caller identification

SMS, MMS and fax - BASE options and services

SMS, MMS and fax

Want to send a message fast and discretely? Choose SMS. Have a lot to say? Pick MMS. BASE even allows you to receive and print fax messages with your mobile phone!


Budget management - BASE options and services

Budget management

Controlling your Internet budget and calls or blocking text messages that cost too much? Save money with these and many more BASE services! 

Consult - Alert services - Call blocking - Blocking your mobile phone

Handy options and services - BASE


BASE makes life easier for you with these handy services!

Duo SIM - SIM card replacement - Number modification - De Lijn SMS ticket