PayByMobile is an additional payment service for digital purchases such as apps, videos and games directly from your phone or computer. Using the Direct Operator Billing (DOB) platform, you will be able to pay for these purchases via your monthly invoice or the prepaid call credit. You don’t need a credit card, your mobile is enough.

  • Easy
    Pay online using your mobile phone without a credit card
  • Safe
    Secure thanks for SMS identification & notifications
  • Simple
    No more several accounts with different password, one phone number and that’s it 
  • Available for all BASE customers
  • Available for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones
    via the App Store & Apple Music , Google Play and Windows Phone Store

Use PayByMobile for your App Store and Apple Music purchases

Pay by mobile with BASE for Apple

Getting your favorite entertainment is easier than ever !

Joining Apple Music, and making purchases in the iTunes Store, the App Store, and iBooks is easier than ever. Just set up PayByMobile, BASE’s direct carrier billing solution, to make all your entertainment purchases.

Get Set-up

  • Open the “App Store”, “Apple Music” or “iTunes Store” app
  • Scroll down the screen and click on your Apple ID
  • Click on “View Apple ID,” you must register, if applicable
  • Click on “Payment Information”
  • Select “Mobile Phone” in the list of payment options
  • Select “Use this Mobile Phone Number” and then click on “Continue”
  • Congratulations! You can now pay for your shopping via PayByMobile

Use PayByMobile for your Google Play purchases

Step 1 - Google Play

1. In Google Play, go to the menu

Step 2 - Google Play

2. Push on "My account"

Step 3 - Google Play

3. Push on "Add payment method"

Step 4 - Google Play

4. Push on "Enable BASE billing". Then confirm your data

Minimum requirements
for your Android smartphone

  • Android 2.3 or later (except for 3.x)
  • Requires a camera

Need more information ?

You can contact the service owner to have more information regarding the performed purchase.

Check your purchase details

You can keep track of your purchase details online.

Keep track of your purchases - Google Play

Use PayByMobile for your Windows Phone Store purchases

On your phone, you can change your payment method before you buy an app. In the Store, choose an app you'd like to buy, tap Buy, and on the Confirm purchase screen, tap Add or switch payment methods. From there you can switch to another payment method or add one.

For more info, see Get apps from the Windows Phone Store. You can also change your payment method when buying music or videos. Tap Change before confirming your purchase. For more info, see Get music, videos, and podcasts.

Step 1 - Windows Phone Store
Step 2 - Windows Phone Store
Step 3 - Windows Phone Store
Step 4 - Windows Phone Store