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Let's get started

Operating systems

Every smartphone uses an operating system the same way your PC at home may use Windows. There are four main operating systems:


iOS, only on Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Everything about iOS


Android, on handsets of Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Everything about Android

Windows, on handsets of Nokia, Samsung, HTC etc.

Everything about Windows Phone


What is an app?
Apps are small programs for your smartphone. There are hundreds of thousands of endless possibilities...

What is an app store?
Apps are downloaded from an online store or app store. Some apps are free, some you have to pay for. Each operating system has its own app store. Apps from one system cannot be installed on another system.

Here are the app stores for the various operating systems:

  • Apple: App Store
  • Android: Google Play
  • Windows: Windows Marketplace

Great apps



Angry birds

Angry Birds





Nike Running

Nike Running







My BASE app

My BASE app

Fast and practical, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without this app:

- Those unpleasant surprises are a thing of the past: you’re in control of your budget at all times
- No more time spent making payments: top up or pay your bill with a single click.
....and this app is getting better all the time – to give you even more! 


Most popular topics

Most popular topics

Your smartphone manual

Your smartphone is a mini-PC. So it’s more than just a phone for making calls and sending SMS. It offers a number of additional applications: calendars, email, apps etc. Your smartphone manual will explain, among other things

• How to import contacts
• How to connect your smartphone to your computer to exchange photos, videos
• … 

Most smartphone manuals are available here or on the manufacturers website.

2G, 3G, 3G Dual Carrier and 4G

All the mobile networks in Belgium comply with international standards:

• GSM (2G/GSM/EDGE) for basic mobile digital systems.
• UMTS (3G, 3G Dual Carrier and 4G*) offer higher data speeds.

Advantage of 3G, 3G Dual Carrier and 4G: mobile internet is much more accessible and you are able to surf the internet at high speed.

*4G will be progressively rolled out over the coming years.

Connect wirelessly through your home Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi at home? Use it mainly for downloading apps and surfing the internet. Wi-Fi reduces your mobile internet data usage.

Are you still experiencing connection problems even though your smartphone Wi-Fi settings are correctly configured?There are several possible causes: a router or modem error, an internet subscription problem etc.
Unfortunately our technical services department cannot help you. Contact your internet service provider.

Tip: If you see this symbol on your smartphone screen it means your Wi-Fi connection is working:


Configure your smartphone

On “Configure your handset" you find advice on how to configure your smartphone for:

• Mobile internet
• email
• etc.

Watch our video demos on the popular smartphones

Go to the online help

Here is the information you will need to access mobile internet via BASE:

• APN:
• ID: base
• Password: base

For email:
First of all you will need information from your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo...)
If you can’t send email, it’s possible that your email providers server might not work on a mobile network. Try the BASE outgoing server (SMTP) =

If you’ve carried out all the steps correctly, but cannot send or receive email,
contact your email provider.


Update your software

Your smartphone manufacturer sends occasional updates for your device, to resolve certain known issues. We recommend that you always install the latest update on your smartphone.

It is important that you save all your information before each software update (to avoid losing information during the update). The manual will explain how to do this.

Updates vary from one operating system to the next, but are automatic on most smartphones. Update via a Wi-Fi network to avoid additional data charges.

Certain smartphones will require you to re-enter your internet settings following an update (APN:, ID: base, Password: base)

How prolong your phone's battery life?

  • Temporary switch off Bluetooth and GPS.
  • Switch on the “saving mode” if available in your smartphone.
  • Turn down the screen brightness.
  • Decrease the time before your screen switches to standby.
  • Turn off as many apps as possible.
  • Install an app such as ‘Easy Battery Saver’ in advance, which will extend your battery’s life.

Manage your internet usage

It’s free and easy: the ‘Automatic Alert Service’ warns you when you approach 80% and reach 100% of your internet data credit in Belgium or abroad.

These free SMS alerts will ensure that you don’t receive any unpleasant surprises!

Discover everything about this handy service

Use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot

Your smartphone connects you to the internet. You can share this connection (= ‘tethering’) with other devices such as tablets or laptops.

How does it work? Select the mobile data settings on your smartphone. In the Tethering menu enter the mobile internet settings. Then connect your smartphone to the device you want to browse the internet with, via a USB cable or wirelessly (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

The Tethering settings are identical to your mobile internet settings:
ID: base
Password: base

Please note: not all smartphones are compatible. Refer to your smartphone manual for more information.


Video demos on the best sold smartphones

Instructional videos on the best sold smartphones

Do you need help with the installation and use of your services? In below demos we show you step by step how to configure different smartphones.
If this doesn't help you, don't panic. Consult our online device help. We regulary add demos to this page.

Windows Phone


iOS (Apple)


Current and future technologies

Current and future technologies

QR-code: faster than typing


QR is an abbreviation of Quick Response. This two-dimensional barcode was designed to have its contents decoded at high speed by mobile internet users. QR-codes are becoming more and more visible in the street, in magazines, on posters, on coupons, in newspapers…

An app on your smartphone natively scans QR-codes. Examples of QR-code apps:
• QR Droid (for Android)
• QR Reader (for iOS)

NFC: requires just a simple touch

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication technology. You can exchange information by simply touching another smartphone or any other object that has an NFC chip with your own smartphone.

More info on NFC

DLNA: your own media centre

Have you ever dreamt of full compatibility between all your digital devices (Smartphone, Camera, TV, Camcorder etc.)? The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) makes this possible. This standard enables you to share your favourite videos, photos and music between multimedia devices.


Handy services

Handy services