Manage your customer account online

When and where you want

The online customer zone enables you to manage your account from your computer, tablet or smartphone, when and where you want.

No more having to make a special journey to pay or standing in queues.


On every page of this website

The customer zone is available on every page at this website.

You'll find it on the right of your screen.

Log in with your mobile number and password

You don't have a password yet?

Text LOGIN <your password> to 1914.

Your password must be 8 to 16 characters long. A combination of letters and numbers is allowed.

LOGIN abcd1234

What can you manage in the customer zone?

Manage your tariff plan: add
bundles or change your tariff

Consult your usage

Now you can easily change your tariff plan in your customer zone. You also activate a call, text or data bundle, add Spotify or cloud storage in a few simple clicks.

Consult your invoices and payments

Monitor your usage and maintain control of your budget

Top up

Consult the history of your invoices and payments

Pay an invoice

Pay an invoice with a simple click or top up a prepaid card

Edit your personal details

Edit your personal details

Send a message

Send a message to the customer service

Modify your preferences

Modify your preferences

+ switch to the electronic invoice, topup someone else’s top-up card, view the details of your mobile phone numbers and their users, adjust your data usage settings, etc. 

Forgotten your password?

Text "LOGIN <your new password>" (e.g. LOGIN Louis12345) free of charge to 1914.
Your password consists of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 characters (letters and/or numbers).


  • By pressing the arrow next to CUSTOMER ZONE you can close or open the shutter
  • Don’t you see the Customer Zone from your PC? Look at the bottom of the page, or adjust the resolution of your screen.
  • Don’t you see the Customer Zone from your Samsung tablet? Open our website with Google Chrome.