It’s only logical that you don’t share your personal details with just anyone. Here at BASE we feel the same way. In fact, privacy is one of the key considerations in our company. As a result we attach a great deal of importance to how we process the data our customers provide. That is why we invest in a personal relationship with you. A relationship built on mutual trust: you get more control over your data and we can optimize your BASE experience thanks to the information you are willing to share with us.  

 In processing your data we uphold 3 unshakable principles:

1. More transparent than ever

In the past we have always communicated transparently about which of your details we collect and why. Now you will have even more insight through clear definitions and examples. Exactly what do we do with your personal information? Why? For how long? With whom do we share your personal details? And who supplies it to us? Read all about it.

  • Via the customer zone you can ask us, for instance, to receive the personal information you have given us directly in an easily readable format and to pass that information on to a third party of your choosing.

2. You have more control

You own your personal details. Period. This means you decide what information you wish to share with us. You can do this by unsubscribing for the use of your commercial profile for marketing purposes (opt-out) via the privacy settings in the customer zone. However, if you choose this option you will still receive communications regarding your BASE products and services.

BASE implements a strict policy for the processing of the personal details of minors. Under 16s are automatically and invariably opted out with regard to the use of commercial profiles for marketing purposes.

3. We take our responsibility seriously

Whether it’s your contact information or the use of your smartphone, your personal details are safe with us. Needless to say, we do not sell or rent out personal or individual information to third parties.