What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the websites sends to a visitor so the browser is recognised (a "session cookie"). Cookies also make sure a visitor can be identified on subsequent visits to the website ("persistent cookies"). The cookies are saved on the visitor's hard drive by the server of the website that is visited or by partners with whom this website works. Cookies only read the information that is placed by the cookies themselves. They have no access to other information.

A cookie predominantly contains the name of the server that placed it, an expiry date and a unique numerical code.

Cookies help to better tune the website to the wishes and preferences of visitors. Cookies can also be used to make the content of a website or the publicity on a website more personal for the visitors.

Use of cookies on the BASE website

The BASE website uses different sorts of cookies:

  • Essential cookies
    These cookies are essential for the use of the website and to be able to use all the parts of it. These cookies also provide a safe identity check: when you log in, these cookies ensure your identity is checked before the website gives you access to your personal information. A few examples: navigation on the website, fill in forms, to record content of shopping cart, etc.
  • Functional cookies
    The functional cookies are cookies that simplify the functioning of the website and ensure that you have a more personalised experience. A few examples: language choice, presentation preferences, etc.
  • Performance cookies
    We use performance cookies to gather information about the way visitors use the website, with the goal of improving content and optimising the website, making it more efficient. A few examples: recording visitor numbers, listing the most popular pages, etc.
  • Publicity cookies
    The website works with publicity cookies. During your visit to the website, your browsing behaviour and your demographic and profile details are anonymously processed into a publicity cookie. Advertisers on the website can also install publicity cookies. The information that we gather through publicity cookies is used to measure the efficiency of the publicity and to better tune publicity to your possible interests.

Management of cookies

Every type of browser has its own approach to the management of cookies. You can find this information on the websites for Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.