Activate your SIM card

Did you order a new mobile number? Insert your SIM card in your phone and activate it via the button below. In a few moments you will be able to surf, call and text via our performant BASE network.

Do you keep your current mobile number? First activate your new SIM card via the button below. We'll then start with the transfer of your number on the date that you selected. You will receive a text message on your old SIM card when the transfer takes place, in order for you to use your new SIM card.

What do you need when activating your SIM card ?

  1. Your order number. You can find this number in all the e-mails you received after ordering your SIM card.
  2. Your SIM card number. The SIM card number is printed on the SIM card you received by mail.
  3. Your mobile number. This is the mobile number you transfered to BASE. You requested a new number? This is also printed on the SIM card itself, next to the SIM card number.