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PUBLISHED THE 16.12.2016

Obligatory registration of your prepaid SIM card from 12/12

As from December 12, 2016, it will be obligatory – by law – to register all prepaid SIM cards. Both new and existing prepaid SIM cards must be linked to personal information. Our government has decided to make the use of anonymous numbers impossible. Fortunately, we have decided to make this as easy as possible for you.

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New prepaid SIM cards

From 12/12/2016, you will only be able to buy a new prepaid SIM card with a valid identity document. This applies to all operators and all sellers of prepaid cards. And also to the night shop around the corner.

Existing prepaid SIM cards

Existing prepaid SIM card users will have 6 months to register their card. You can do this yourself here with an e-ID card reader. Or you can leave it entirely up to us by coming with your ID to a BASE shop.

If you don’t register, you will be blocked

Because it is a legal requirement, the government will expect strict compliance with this measure. Prepaid SIM cards that are not registered by June 2, 2017 will therefore be cancelled. A forewarned prepaid SIM card user is one who is forearmed!

More info about your registration with BASE?

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