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Published on 09.05.2016

How to get back a lost or stolen iPhone?

A theft or forgetfulness, it happens to the best of us. Fortunately locking a lost or stolen iPhone or retrieval is easy.

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1. Activate the app ‘Find My iPhone’

Important: you must install this app BEFORE your Iphone is lost or stolen.

‘Find My iPhone’ is an Apple app available on all their smartphones and tablets. The principle is simple: you give the app permission to know where your phone is at any time. So you have more chance of getting it back in the event of a loss or theft.

To recover your iPhone or iPad with the app or even to erase content, you’ll need your Apple ID and password. Which hopefully the thief doesn’t have.

We’ll say it again: This app must be installed BEFORE the event of loss or theft. So download it right now "Find My iPhone"

2. Login iCloud

Lost or stolen iPhone? The first thing to do is log into your iCloud. Visit and enter your Apple ID and password.

In iCloud you'll be able to activate "Find My iPhone”. You’ll then see a map that showing you where all your devices are located. So you'll immediately be able to find a lost or stolen iPhone.

Select your device and you get three options:

1.    Play sound

Handy if you're sure your iPhone is close to you. 'Find My iPhone’ shows your smartphone’s location and then rings it, until you find it.

2.    Lost Mode

Allows you lock your iPhone, if you have not already done so with a PIN or password. You can also call your phone and leave a message, so that the good soul who finds it can call you and give it back. That’s the theory.. in an ideal world, at least.

3.    Clear iPhone

This is the last resort. Do you have sensitive information on your lost or stolen iPhone, don’t hesitate. With one click you erase ALL data. Disadvantage: You can not find the iPhone using the other ‘Find My iPhone’ options..’

We recommend you don’t use any of these...  It’s best to locate your iPhone and then simply inform the police. Heroism isn’t necessary. Unless you're Batman, of course.