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Published on 09.05.2016

How to find a lost or stolen Android device? 

You’ve lost your phone through theft or forgetfulness? It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, a lost or stolen Android device can be easily retrieved.

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Losing your smartphone, or worse, having it stolen, is no fun. You’re no longer able to send text messages, or make phone calls or - the biggest disaster of them all surf anymore. Here are some tricks to find your lost or stolen Android device.

For the loss or theft

1. Install Cerberus, the anti-theft app

With Cerberus you can control your smartphone remotely, locate it, or even delete data if you want. Configuration is easy.

For additional convenience, you can hide this app in your app menu. The thief won’t know it’s installed until it's too late.

Cerberus can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. But, to continue to use all the features, you’ll have to pay €4.99 when the trial week expires.

Don’t forget, it’s important you install the app BEFORE the loss or theft of your Android phone. Like now, for example.

Also, you can’t get your lost or stolen Android phone back when it’s turned off. This can be avoided with the Smart Screen Lock Protector.

2. Install the BASE cloud and enable the downloading of pictures

When pictures start to appear instantly in your BASE cloud, you’ll see the pictures that the thief has taken. With a little luck you can deduce where your stolen Android phone is.

After the loss or theft

1. Get your Android phone back with Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a free tool from Google that works like the Apple iCloud.  You get a lot of functionality, such as retrieval devices that when powered on are connected to the Internet.

2. View your localization history on Google Maps

Enable localization and localization history in Google Maps settings, you'll then see the last few locations of your smartphone. Of course you’ll need a Google account and an Internet connection!

Caution!  You’ve found your smartphone, don’t be a hero. Just give the address to the police.

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