Data Calculator: your fortune teller for mobile data !

You have a BASE subscription and/or a prepaid card, with loads of MB's/GB's for mobile Internet.
But what can you do with it and more importantly: how long can you surf with it?

Our Data Calculator helps you along, so you can get anywhere & anytime the most out of it, without worrying about your limit. The only thing you need to do is indicate how many MB's (e.g.: 0.8 GB stands for 800 MB's) or GB's you have left and click on "Discover what's possible". The Data Calculator will show you what you can do, see & share.

Notice: these results are indicative, because each handset has a slightly different screen resolution, you surf over 3G or 4G, the YouTube clip you're watching is in HD or not, but anyway... it gives you an idea of what is possible.