De Lijn SMS ticket

You can purchase your bus or tram ticket for De Lijn conveniently via SMS. Text DL to 4884 before you board. Shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation SMS that serves as your ticket.

Good to know

  • You can type DL in upper or lower case letters. Spaces are also accepted.
  • Texts to this number that contain typos or other messages will be ignored. You will then receive a free SMS with an error message.
  • An SMS ticket is not valid for the night lines in Antwerp. That is a decision of the City of Antwerp.

How long can you travel with an SMS ticket?

  • Your ticket is valid for 1 hour after receipt of the confirmation SMS.
  • When the hour has expired you can purchase a new ticket via SMS to travel further.
  • During this period you may transfer, without worrying about the zones.

What does it cost?

You pay € 2.15 for a De Lijn SMS ticket. This includes the price of an SMS

If you have a... Then this amount is...
BASE monthly plan charged on the next invoice/bill.
BASE prepaid card deducted from your call value.

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