Sending and receiving MMSes

First, check whether your handset supports MMSes. Then you can activate the service automatically or manually.

Activating automatically

Text MMS to 1912. You will receive a configuration message. Save the message in your handset and restart your handset. Send your first MMS to complete the configuration. Didn't receive a text? Activate the service manually by following the steps below.

Activating manually

Configure your handset with our handy, interactive guide. This way you will quickly see whether you are using the correct settings for your handset.

Restart your handset and send an MMS to complete the configuration.

How do I open an online MMS?

Is your handset unable to receive MMSes? Then you will receive an SMS with a password. This allows you to view your MMS online by entering your phone number and password.

Note: Enter 32 instead of 0 when you enter your mobile number: So 0486123456 becomes 32486123456.

Your MMS remains available on our website for 7 days. Then your MMS will be deleted.

Problems opening your MMS?

  • Check your internet browser's security settings. It may be that they are blocking viewing of MMSes.
  • Try to view your MMS on another computer.

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