How can I configure my mobile phone to send and receive MMS?

First of all, you need to check your mobile phone supports MMS and activate the function.

You can then activate the MMS service automatically or manually.

To activate the service automatically, send an SMS with MMS to 1914. You will receive a configuration message that you need to save on your handset.  If you did not receive this SMS, you can request the settings again.

To activate the service manually, please enter the following data:

  • Homepage (URL MMS-C): http://mmsc.base.be
  • APN: mms.base.be
  • IP Port: 9201 (voor WAP 1.x) / 8080 (voor WAP 2.0)
  • IP address of WAP GW:
  • User name: base
  • Password: base

In both cases, restart your handset, and then send a first MMS in order to implement the configuration. From then on the service will be available.

Please take into account that most handsets are limited to sending an MMS with a maximum size of 300kb.

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