Switching the alert service on and off

You can switch on/off the alert service at any moment.

Good to know: Are you abroad? Please be aware that you will not receive the alerts immediately after exceeding the limit. Depending on the international operator, it could a take a few days before they are processed and sent out.

Set usage limits and notifications to avoid high costs when you are abroad. Read more on how to set limits for your usage abroad.

For private persons

Go to your customer zone and click on "Set your usage notifications". There you can switch on/off notifications.

For self-employed persons

Send NOALERT (no more alerts) or YESALERT (reactivate alerts) by text message to 1908. This way, you can switch usage notifications on/off. 

Set your own usage limits

Would you like to personalize your usage limits and notifications ? You can do this in your customer zone! Read more on how to set usage limits within and beyond your bundle