Finding PUK code and unlocking handset

What's the difference between the PIN and PUK codes?

  • PIN code
You PIN code gives access to your handset. You have to give it in every time you start your phone. When you buy a new SIM card, you receive a PIN code which you can change later. 
  • PUK code 

Your PUK code comes in handy when your handset is blocked (for any reason). The PUK code typically counts more digits than the PIN code. 

Where can I find my PUK code?

  • In your customer zone, under 'Your SIM cards';
  • On the packaging of your SIM card or in your SIM card package.

Still haven't found it? Call 1999 with your BASE number and select 'Administrative questions'. Are you calling from another number (not BASE)? Then dial 0486 19 19 99. Don't forget the country code for Belgium (+32) if you are calling from abroad. 

How to unblock my SIM card?

Did you enter the wrong PIN three times? Then your handset is locked. Enter the PUK code and then set a new PIN

Tip: Avoid choosing codes that are easy to guess, like 1111 or your year of birth. This way your handset will be more secure.

SIM card rejected?

Do you get the message 'SIM card rejected'? Remove your SIM card  from your handset for a moment and then put it back in it. 

Same problem?

Perhaps you already entered an incorrect PUK code 10 times? Then you will get the message 'SIM card rejected'. In this case, it means that we have locked your SIM card in order to protect your handset and your personal data.

This also means that your SIM card is not usable anymore. Buy a new SIM card via the customer zone or at a BASE Shop.