Mobile phone lost or stolen: what now?

Contact our customer service as soon as possible to have your SIM card blocked. You can reach us at

  • 0486191999 (from Belgium)
  • +32486191999 (from abroad)

Good to know: we can also block your mobile phone if you provide us with the IMEI number. The IMEI number is shown on the packaging of your mobile phone and the proof of purchase.

And then...

Request a new multi SIM card. A multi SIM card is composed of three parts (from big to small): standard SIM card, micro SIM card and nano SIM card. You just have to push the smaller card out of its bigger holder.
You can do so online or at a BASE shop. The price is €10.  Looking for a BASE shop located near you?


  • If we block your line, it is not a cancellation of your mobile contract. So you continue to pay for your monthly plan.
  • Has someone made calls with your mobile phone before it was blocked? You are still responsible for the costs. You will also have to pay for those calls. So block your card as soon as you realize it has been lost!

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