All about a BASE monthly plan

Each BASE monthly plan we currently propose, offers 3 advantages :

  • Unlimited calling and sms
  • Data Jump
  • Free Data Day

Tip: You don't have a monthly plan yet ? Discover our offer and choose the plan that best fits your usage.

Unlimited calling and sms

With our monthly plan, you don't have to decide where you spend your credit at: You enjoy unlimited calling and texting to all numbers in Belgium and in the EU zone (except from Belgium to a number abroad).


Each month, you also dispose of data to surf. How many GB's you get, depends on your montly plan. Do you want to know how much data you have left? Quickly check it in the My BASE app or in your customer zone.

Good to know: Do you surf above the limit of your montly plan? As a BASE subscriber, you benefit from the same advantageous tarrifs when browsing out of your bundle

Data Jump and Free Data Day

All BASE subscribers also benefit from Data Jump and Free Data Day. Haven't heard about these yet? You're going to love them!

Data Jump

Thanks to Data Jump, your unused data is carried over to the next month, so nothing is lost. 

Good to know: If you have a €15 monthly plan and haven't used up this entire amount, the remaining amount is carried over to the next month and you can use it for mobile data or call credit. This is also Data Jump! Read more about Data Jump

Good to know: The remaining amount from a particular month can only be carried over one time. This means that if the amount remaining from last month hasn't been used up at the end of this month, you can't carry it over again.

Free Data Day

Every first day of every month you use free data. We call this the Free Data Day! Your mobile internet usage on that day is not deducted from the number of GBs included in your plan. And this benefit is enjoyed by all BASE subscribers. Read more about the Free Data Day