Can I keep my current number if I change monthly plan or provider?

Whether or not you are already a BASE customer, you still keep your current mobile number.

Ordering a new tariff plan...

  • online? Then indicate that you want to keep your number when you place your order.
  • at a BASE Shop? Then tell our shop assistant.

How does mobile number portability work?

To transfer your number to BASE, we need your current mobile number and your SIM card number or account number. Your SIM card number can be found on your SIM card. Your account number is usually shown on your bill. Can't find it there? Then check your previous provider's customer zone or contact them to ask for it. BASE ensures that your number is transferred within 24 hours.

You will be notified by SMS when your access to your old network ends. When that happens, it's time to insert your BASE SIM card and you're ready to go!

Important: Make sure you are not abroad when the number is transferred, because you must make your first call from Belgium. And if you are abroad? Then you will temporarily have no service, until you return to Belgium.

How do I indicate that I want to keep my number?

Are you ordering your SIM card/monthly plan…

  • online or via the My BASE app? Then indicate that you want to keep your number during the ordering process. Enter your personal details and provide the mobile number you want to transfer so we can take care of everything. As soon as you get your SIM card, you can activate it. During activation we will also need the SIM card number of your previous provider or account number.
  • at a BASE Shop? Tell our shop assistant you want to keep your number.