What are international calls and roaming?

International calls or text messages  are those you place or send from Belgium to a foreign country. Roaming is when you place calls, send text messages and/or browse via mobile internet while abroad.

Today, you no longer pay any roaming charges for your mobile usage in the EU. So when you call, text or browse via mobile internet from an EU country, you pay the same as at home.

Specifically, this means...

  • Within the EU zone, you can use your included minutes, texts and data.
  • Do you have BASE-to-BASE minutes in your tariff plan? They will still only be valid in Belgium.
  • How about when you call or text from Belgium to an EU country? The international tariffs will still apply.

And outside the EU?

When you text, browse or call from a country outside Europe, Switzerland, Monaco and Jersey? Then you still pay the international tariffs.

Good to know: Switzerland, Monaco and Jersey are not part of the EU zone.

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