All about Extra Data

Discover Extra Data: mobile internet at a great price with a prepaid card

Each time you top up, you get data for mobile internet. But what if you want more mobile data at a great price
Then you have two options:

  • Have you ever considered a monthly plan? That might be a handy solution for you. We are happy to help you choose.
  • Would you prefer to keep a prepaid card? Then we have a solution for you, too: Extra Data!

Extra Data is an option with which you buy more data for your prepaid card. 

How does it work?

You can buy Extra Data in the customer zone, in the  My BASE app or by SMS. We deduce the cost from your call credit. Once activated, the data remains valid during 30 days. 

Good to know: You can activate this option as often as you want. 

Customer zone

Go to "Manage your options" under "Manage your mobile lines" in your customer zone. You can easily add/cancel an option. Select the Extra Data option which meets your needs (+ 100 MB/ 2 GB/ 4GB/ 8GB). Did you choose? We will then deduce the its cost from your credit. 

Good to know: The different Extra Dat options only appear as availableif you have enough credit. 

My BASE app

Go to "Manage your options" under the icon "My plan" and select the Extra Data option which meets your needs. 


You can easily exchange some credit for Extra Data by sening a text message. Find out more about our tariffs and how to buy extra data by SMS.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when my Extra Data is used up?

Once the data included in your Extra Data option is used up, you still have the data you got with your last top up. Once that is used up too, any mobile data you use is out of bundle (you pay extra's for using it).

What about while I'm abroad?

Extra Data is also valid in the entire EU zone. Outside the EU zone you pay the data roaming tariffs.