How can I check my current mobile usage?

You don't have to wait until you receive your invoice/bill to check your usage. Do you want to know where you stand? It's possible! 

Good to know: Note that your latest usage might not have been taken into account yet in your status. This can happen, for example, when you are abroad. 

Via the customer zone

In your customer zone, you can see immediatly how much data you still have and if you have unpaid invoices/bills. 

By clicking on the circle with your data, you see more details about your usage for the running billing period. You will find information about:

  • the starting date of the next billing period
  • the status of your call credit
  •  your data usage
  • your included packs (unlimited calls, unlimited texts, ...)

If you then click on "Usage details", you will see a detailed list of the numbers you called, the text messages you sent and the data you used. 

Via the My BASE app

When you open the My BASE app, you see your usage on the main screen. On that screen, you have information about the amount and the data that remain. You also see the state of your monthly packs. 

By text message

Do you prefer receiving your usage by text message? Send CONSULT by text message to 1914. We will send you a message with your remaing amount or remaining call credit, text messages and data.

Good to know

Do you want to set a usage limit for your data? It's possible via the customer zone or the My BASE-app. Read more about how to set usage limits.

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