Everything about my BASE bill

Have you just switched to the new BASE 20?

Great, you'll have even more data each month! Note that you will only enjoy your new data volume fully as soon as you receive your first following bill. In the meantime, you'll have the pro rata amount of data based on the number of days left before your next bill.  

For example:  your new data volume amounts 15 GB and you switched 10 days before your next bill? For those 10 days, you'll then have around 4,84 GB (15 GB/31 days x 10 days) at your disposal. As soon as you received your first bill after the switch, you'll enjoy your full new data volume.

Tip: In the My BASE-app and the customer zone, you can quickly see how many days there are left before the next billing period starts. 

You just received your first (updated) bill. Then you may have some questions. Read everything about it in this article.   

First things first

You will find the most important information at the top of your bill:

  • Your customer number and login;
  • The payment due date;
  • The total amount including VAT 

How to pay?

Direct debit, always correct and on time

You can quickly and easily request direct debit via your customer zone. The amounts will be deducted automatically from your bank account. This way you don't have to worry: We will always receive your payments on time. 

Good to know: You can find an overview of the last 24 months of your bills in your customer zone.

Important: Have you recently requested a direct debit? Then you may still have to pay your next bill by bank transfer because the direct debit will only be active after a few days. You can check this under ‘Payment information’ on your bill.

Pay online, without logging in

You can now pay your bill without logging in. Simply enter your mobile number, the amount and your payment method. Pay your bill online.

Use the My BASE app or your customer zone

In addition to paying your bills, there is much more you can do in your customer zone or in the My BASE app. You can:

  • check your usage, anytime and anywhere
  • set up usage notifications, then you for example will know when your calling minutes have almost been used up.
  • activate an option or a monthly plan with a single click.
  • manage your personal dataprivacy data and preferences.

Bank transfer

Do you choose to pay by bank transfer? You will also find the payment details on your bill.
Below the details you need:

  • For the structured remittance information please use the reference shown on your bill.
  • IBAN: BE15 0018 3201 2930 
  • BIC or SWIFT code: GEBA BE BB

Note: If you enter a future execution date, keep in mind that this is not the same as the due date for the bill. Therefore, to prevent your line from being blocked, enter a future execution date that is at least two days prior to the due date.


More info on your usage

You can find your usage on your bill. Would you like to have more details? You can find these in your customer zone or on your bill via email.