Do you use smartphones or tablets in a professional environment?

We are sure you already understand the advantages these devices offer. You and your colleagues benefit from uninterrupted access to all important data. When visiting a client, during a meeting, when you're at home or when you're on the road, making your way from one to another, you'll have completely flexible access to your professional messages.

But how can you be sure that this mobile environment is totally and utterly secure?

You're not imagining the risks posed to your sensitive information... With this solution, you play the security card. Our partner MobileIron is currently the market leader in secure mobile management for businesses. Your information is instantly protected on every mobile device.

Time saving

Use professional apps and communicate more easily than ever before.


Manage all your devices from one central system.

Peace of mind

Trust us to install your MDM and to train your IT administrator.

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Key features

  • Security, management and monitoring of mobile devices, no matter which operating system they use (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Secure application for professional e-mails
  • Automatic configuration of every device
  • Selective wipe of data (possibility of remotely erasing professional data from a device while keeping personal data)
  • Settings that follow your mobile policy
  • Expanded reporting possibilities

Key advantages

  • Configuration of devices and messaging accounts in no time
  • A centralised management system from which you follow all your devices and perform updates
  • Use it for an unlimited number of devices
  • Ensure security via encryption, by blocking devices or by remotely erasing specific data
  • A unique system that requires less administration
  • Access anywhere and everywhere to all your important information