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Call & SMS bundles


This is where you find out how to send a text message to more than one person, what the maximum length of a text message is – and a whole lot more that you need to know about sending SMS and MMS messages.


Find out how to set and manage your voicemail, and how to use it when you’re abroad. We also tell you how you adjust the call time on your mobile.

Directory Services

We tell you how to publish your mobile number in telephone directories – and also how to take it out again.

Mobile internet alert

Going online when you’re abroad? Find out about our automatic notification service and make sure that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Budget alert

Avoid unforeseen charges on your invoice thanks to BASE budget alert. We tell you all about it.

Other services

We tell you how to control your usage, what Chat Call is and how you use it, how you can see how many missed calls you have, how to prevent other users from seeing your number, how you block calls, how you take or start a second call, how you leave a message directly on someone’s voicemail and what call plan best suits the way you use your phone.

Roaming & International

Learn more about the International option and how to activate it.

Third party services

If you have problems with a service provided by a third party, we explain how you can cancel it. You also find out what these services and special numbers cost.

Visual voicemail

Call transfers

Find out how to activate or deactivate call redirect and how redirected calls are billed.


What are Spotify and Spotify Premium? How does they work? How do you activate them? How much does they cost? We tell you everything you need to know about this music service.

BASE cloud

Check how you can manage your files with BASE cloud and how you can configure BASE cloud on your devices.

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