BASE: the network gets better every day

Coverage network BASE

BASE is investing 250 million euros to make its mobile network even more performing !

With this investment BASE wants to guarantee its clients the best performing mobile experience.

What will we do?

  • Modernisation
    We will replace the current 2G equipment by latest generation technology. Where this activation is possible, we will activate 3G and 4G.
  • Construction of 800 to 1.000 additional sites
  • Connection to the fiber optic network
    This way, we improve the capacity and performance, but also reduce the energy consumption.

BASE 4G for 97.80% of Belgians

Is 4G unavailable where you are? BASE offers reliable coverage with accelerated 3G, 3G (mobile Internet) and 2G. 3G (mobile Internet) and 2G are both available to 98.53% of the Belgian population.

4G smartphones at BASE

4G smartphones

Would you like to enjoy everything the BASE 4G network offers? Then you'll need a 4G device. At BASE, you'll find the ideal 4G device at an affordable price and with excellent service.

BASE and 4G+

4G+ network - BASE

BASE clients are already able to enjoy 4G+ or LTE Advanced, the faster version of 4G, from various locations across Belgium.

This new technology offers speeds up to 2.5 times faster than 4G. 4G+ will be made further available to ensure the BASE network is better prepared for the future.

Is there a problem somewhere with the BASE network ? 

Let us know and we will get straight to work!