De Lijn sms-ticket

Buy your bus or tram ticket for De Lijn via SMS

Have you ever needed to take the bus or the tram when you didn’t have any cash or do you simply want to buy cheaper tickets?  A simple text message is all it takes!

For whom?

This service is available for all BASE customers.

Associated costs?

The SMS-ticket will cost you € 1.40 for a 60 minute ticket and € 2.20 for a 120 minute ticket.
Considering that it is a third-party service, the amount of the ticket will be deducted from your call-value (prepaid customers) or added to your invoice outside your monthly bundle (customers with a subscription).

Why choose the SMS-ticket

You save:

  • time: you no longer need to ask the driver for a ticket.
  • money: your ticket is cheaper than if you bought it aboard a bus or a tram.

How does it work?

It’s very easy!
Before boarding, text one of the two following codes to 4884:

  • DL for a 60 minute ticket.
  • DL 120 for a 120 minute ticket.

It will only take a few seconds before you receive a confirmation message. This message can then be used as ticket and will be valid for 60 or 120 minutes, according to your earlier choice.

The use of upper cases, lower cases and space is allowed (e.g. 'Dl', 'DL 120').

  • incorrect messages are not allowed (e.g. 'DL1120', 'DLL').
  • for those messages, SMS-tickets will not be sent (the traveller who sent this wrong text will receive an error message back. This error message is free and is not a valid public transport ticket).

When is an SMS-ticket valid?

  • On every De Lijn line, except the night lines of Antwerp.
  • This has been decided by the city of Antwerp, who's night tariff structure is not compatible with the regular tariff structure.

How long is an SMS-ticket valid?

It is valid for 60 or 120 minutes after the reception of the confirmation message. During this time frame, the traveller can use the De Lijn public transports at will and make connections, regardless of the number of zones covered (different from the magnetic public transport ticket).

How do I pay for an SMS-ticket?

The payment for an SMS-ticket happens through your mobile operator:

  • for prepaid customers, the price of an SMS-ticket will be deducted from your call credit.
  • postpaid customers will see a list of all the SMS-tickets purchased on their monthly invoice.